About SiQ Mobile App

No more wandering the halls in search of a coworker or place to meet. The SiQ Mobile App makes finding people and resources easy.


Get Started

Begin by downloading and installing the SiQ mobile app.


Search and find what you are looking for either a meeting room or your coworker.

Book and Check into a Hotel Desk

The COVID-19 is forcing employers to get creative with their workplaces. SiQ Mobile App can be used by employees to find and book a desk and then later they will receive a friendly reminder of the hotel reservation. When the employee is ready they can check into the desk that they will be using.

Book a Meeting Room

Also, meeting rooms can be booked on the SiQ Mobile App.

Request Maintenance

It is also easy to connect with your work Space Maintenance team through the mobile app to submit a maintenance ticket. 


Your profile photo can be quickly and easily updated when you like. 


The settings that effect the SiQ Mobile App are found in Hoteling Desk Booking Settings.