Stack Overview

Stack is place for you to complete your high-level strategic planning on your portfolio. The Stack represents Scenario Plans which allow you to plan for future department or team seating OR find space for a recently expanded department to sit together. Also, you can apply the Stack (Scenario Plan) to a Projections Plan.

Note: Stack planning is for high-level departmental seating only and this is part of our Premium Package. You cannot perform individual seat assignments in this part of the product and this is complete in Floor Maps. 



Navigate to Stack

To access the Stack, click on the Portfolio icon [1] and then the Stack icon [2].



If you have a large portfolio, you can search for either a city or building.



View Floors by Totals or Department

The Stack can be viewed by either the totals or department, click the Totals toggle [1] to view the number of employees and the number of empty seats.



View Future Plans

The Move Plans can be seen in the Stack, click the Portfolio icon [1], click the Stack icon [2], then click the date [3] and this displays the plans. To view the plans, click the name of the plan.
After you select a plan you can see how future moves or new starters change the occupancy and seat availability.


Explore a building's floor to the Team level

If you want to get even more granular with planning, click on a floor in the building Stack. The breadcrumbs for your view listed at the top of the screen and you can click back to a higher level.


Complete a Stack (Scenario Plan)