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In SiQ, a Space Type is an attribute assigned to a Space. There are two broad categories of Space Types:

  • Personal
  • Common

Space Type is not the same as Usage Type. Space type is an attribute assigned to a Space, such as Cubicle or Lounge. Usage Type is a description of the way Space is used, such as a Primary Seat or Hoteling Desk.


Assign a Space Type

When in the Floor Map Editor, you'll need to select a Space Type before you can add a space to the map. It is also possible to change the Space Type on a space that has already been created through the Floor Map View page [1].

Simply left click on the space you want to modify [2].

In the data drawer on the right click on the Space Type drop down that appears [3].


It is possible to reassign Space Types on multiple spaces simultaneously by first selecting them with shift and drag, then choosing Update Types from the data drawer.

Personal Space Types

Personal Spaces have the option to be allocated to a Department, and they must have a usage type assigned. They can also optionally be added to Workplace Groups, but Personal Spaces can not be a part of neighborhoods.

This is the list of Personal Space Types currently in SiQ:

  • Personal
  • Bench desk
  • Cubicle
  • Office - private
  • Office - shared
  • Reception
  • Work Space

Common Space Types

Common Spaces can be a part of a Neighborhood, but it is not required. It is impossible to assign a usage type to a common space, and there is no option for Departmental allocation. Like Personal Spaces, Common Spaces can be added to Workplace Groups.

This is the list of Common Space Types currently in SiQ:

  • Break room
  • Electrical
  • Elevators
  • Family room
  • Game room
  • General space
  • Gym
  • Kitchen
  • Lab
  • Label
  • Lobby
  • Lounge
  • Mail
  • Meeting - 1x1
  • Meeting - large
  • Meeting - medium
  • Meeting - small
  • Meeting Room
  • Men's bathroom
  • Men's showers
  • Phone
  • Servers
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Showers
  • Storage
  • Storage - secured
  • Utilities
  • Wellness room
  • Women's bathroom
  • Women's showers
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