Manage Workplace Groups

Workplace Groups are managed by the Admin. This area is where you can assign a color to the Workplace Groups and update the names, the employee assigned, and the space assigned. You can add employees and/or spaces to the workplace groups but you may find it quicker to add them in bulk from the Floor Map, refer to Assigning Workplace Groups.


Navigate to Manage Workplace Groups

Navigate to the Manage screen [1] and click on the Workplace Groups icon [2].

On this page you will see the ability to add a new workplace group [3] or search your existing workplace groups list [4].



Several of the columns names on this page can be clicked on [1] and the list will be sorted ascending or descending. The search field will auto-suggest matching groups [2], and after you perform a search you can remove the search by clicking on the small x in the top left corner [3].


Update Workplace Groups

On the left you'll see an alphabetized list that shows all the Workplace group names with the currently assigned color [1].

Click on the name of a group will let you edit the group's name [2], view and edit employee Workplace assignments [3], and view and edit Workplace space assignment [4].

You can also delete the work group from this screen [5].


Assign Color to a Workplace Group

The color assigned to the group can be changed by clicking on the current color here [1]. The color selection option from your operating system will appear [2] where you can enter a color of your choosing. When you click OK, you'll see a confirmation message below where you can undo the color change [3].


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