Find, Add, Edit, or Delete Workplace Groups

You can list workplace groups and the employees and spaces belonging to them in Manage Workplace Groups. You can also add a new workplace group, and change an associated color or name from this location.

Note: You can add employees and spaces to the workplace groups in this area, however, we recommend you add them from the Floor Map as it is quicker. See Allocate or Unallocate Workplace Groups.


Navigate to Manage Workplace Groups

To find Manage Workplace Groups, navigate to Manage and select the Workplace Groups tab. 

On the Workplace groups screen, you'll see a list of all workplace groups. You can search, filter, and sort these workplace groups, or you can also add a new workplace group from this location.


You can also click on a workplace group name to open an individual workplace group screen. This is an example of an individual workplace group screen:wpg2.jpg

Search, Filter and Sort

You can find workplace groups using search, filters, and sorting. 

Search and Filter

In Manage Workplace groups, you can search for departments by typing into the Search field. 


You can also apply multiple search filters to narrow your results. Following is an example of searching and applying two different search filters to narrow your results:

Type "G" into Search, and click See all results for G. wpg6.jpg

Then, type "Mobile" into Search, and click See all results for Mobile.


You can click an x next to filters to remove them and expand the list.



Click the Name column to sort by alphabetical ascending or descending order, or click Created By/Date to sort by ascending or descending date. 


Create a Workplace Group

On the Manage Workplace groups page, click + New workplace group.wpg12.jpg

Type a workplace group name into the Name field, and click Create.


You'll be taken to an empty workplace group screen for your newly created group. You can add and delete employees and spaces from this location.

Update Color and Name

You can change a workplace group's associated color and name on its information page. Click on a workplace group name to open an individual information page.


Click on the color dropdown, select a color, and click Apply Color.


To change a workplace group name, click on the name and type in a new name. 


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