Manage Assets

You can manage all the assets in your organization from a high level and also, read the article Add Assets to Spaces and Meeting Rooms which shows how you assign assets to employees and spaces on the floor map.


First, navigate to the main Manage page [1] and then click on the Assets sub menu item near the center of your screen [2]. On the left you will see a sortable list of all assets in your organization [3]. You can also sort by the number of employees or spaces that currently have the asset assigned by clicking on those column headers [4] and the search bar at the top will let you filter the list [5]:


Delete Asset

If you hover over any given row in the list, you will see a small X appear to the far right [1]. This is how you can quickly and easily delete every asset of that type from your organization. Note that this action cannot be undone. Also, you can add a new asset here [2] and it will be seen in the drop down menu in the Floor Map:


View Employees and Space with an Assigned Asset

Clicking on the name of a single asset [1] will bring up an interface that lists each and every employee and space by name that currently has that asset assigned. This is another way that you can add employees [2] or spaces [3] as assignees. Hovering over a row will expose a removal button [4] for that row, or you can select multiple employees with the check marks [5] and remove in bulk [6]:



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