Download a Floor Map as an Image

Note this article is currently being updated 2020 March 10th

SiQ's interactive floor maps can also be easily downloaded as an image.

Within the Floor Map view, begin by selecting the date in the move engine that has the floor plan layout you want to capture [1]. Then select the correct location and floor [2]. On the far right you'll see a download symbol [3] that will bring up the print interface:


The print page has a huge number of selections in the panel on the left side of the screen. Clicking on the eye symbols [1] will toggle that element of the map on or off. The numbers next to each element [2] let you change the size of every matching map item on the map. Also, you'll want to click and drag on the map itself to relocate the print window [3] on your floor map. Ensure that everything you want to print is within the teal boarder. When you are all done, simply click on Download [4] to export the map as a PNG file.


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