Update Space Labels

Labels are searchable within SiQ, so when you add labels to spaces, your employees will be able to search and find spaces more easily on the floor map.

Both personal and common spaces have a label attribute, and you can add a label or update an existing one for any space type. 


Learn how to add labels to spaces.

Add or Update a Space Label

Follow these instructions to add or update a space type label:

From the floor map, click on a space. A data drawer opens with information about the space.


Scroll down to find the Label field, then click into the field and type a space name. Choose a label name that will be easy to employees to type and find. When choosing a label nameKeep in mind that labels are searchable within SiQ. Zoom into the space; the label will display on the floor map.update_spty2.jpg



Type the new label name into the Search field. You'll see the labeled space in the search results. If you select one of the search results, you'll be taken to its location on the floor map. 



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