Update Space Assets

Space assets are an attribute of the space, like a piece of equipment or a feature. For example, a sit-stand desk, dual monitors, ergo chair, conference phone, or handicap accessible.

Spaces commonly associated with assets include desks, offices, meeting rooms, and conference rooms. You can assign an asset to a space and the assets remain with the space and do not move when the employee moves. If you want to manage the assets list, see Manage Assets.



Navigate to the Floor Map.

Click on a space. The data drawer displays.

Scroll down to the Space Assets field.


Click the Space Assets drop-down to see all assets that have already been added to spaces in SiQ. You can select one or more assets.

Note: Click the x next to an asset to remove it.


If you don't see an asset among your choices, you can add a new asset.

In the Space Assets field, enter the asset name.

Click the Create option. The asset will be added to the assets list and associated with the space. 


You'll see confirmation that assets have been added or removed from the space.


Additional Resources

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