Desk Booking Settings Overview

SiQ gives you the ability to customize hotel desk settings according to your business preferences. 

This describes the settings that enable you to customize your company's hotel desk usage.

Booking Type

Your Admin can set up your hotel desks to be booked on an hourly basis, all-day, or a combination of both.

For details, see Set up Booking Type.

Booking Restrictions

Your Admin can restrict hotel bookings by department, workplace group, or a combination of both.

For details, see Set up Booking Restrictions.

Booking Capacity

To assist with your region's COVID-19 restrictions your business can now limit the number of people visiting an office floor by setting a capacity limit. The capacity restriction is set by the percentage of hotel desks that can be booked on a floor.

For details, see Set up Booking Capacity Limits.

Single Active Reservation Booking

Your Admin can allow employees to book multiple desks at one time or limit them to booking only one desk at a time.

For details, see Set up Single Active Reservation Booking.

Recurring Hotel Bookings

Your Admin can enable recurring desk bookings so your employees can more easily schedule repeat bookings. 

For details, see Set up Recurring Hotel Bookings.

Employee Bookings Search

If your employees are working together, then you can let them find their coworkers hotel desk bookings. Then they can make a hotel desk booking next to (or near) them.

For details, see Set up Employee Bookings Search.

Show Names on Reserved Desks

When looking for an available desk on the SiQ Web or Map, employees may like to know who has already booked desks near the available ones.

For details, see Show names on reserved desks (Mobile App).

Required Check-in

If you need your employees to check into hotel desks then this can be set up. Also, your Admin can set the automatic release of a desk if an employee fails to check-in within 2 hours of the booking time.

For details, see Set up Required Check-in.

Health Screenings

When your business needs to ensure that employees are healthy before coming into the office, you can use SiQ's Health Screening so your employees can confirm that they are symptom-free well before check-in time.

For details, see Set up Health Screenings before Hotel Desk Check-In.