Check-in to a Hotel Desk as an Admin

SiQ Web App


SiQ allows you to check-in for a hotel desk booking from:

Admins choose which SiQ modules their employees have access to.

Speak with your Customer Success Manager if you have questions about your SiQ set-up for employees. See: How Employees Experience Hotel Desk Check-In.

You also have the option to enable health screenings for your employees. If Health Screenings are enabled, employees are required to complete a health check before check-in time.

This article walks you through checking into a hotel desk on the SiQ Web App, from an email notification, and from the SiQ Mobile App. 


Check-In From the SiQ Web App

There are two ways to check-in for a booking on the SiQ Web App.

Book Desk Module

If you book a desk for "now" in the Book Desk module, you'll be prompted to check-in immediately. 



If a health screening is required, you'll be prompted to complete a health check prior to checking in. 


Check-In from My Bookings

You'll find a complete list of upcoming bookings in the My Bookings settings.

Navigate to My Bookings by clicking your username on the upper-right of your screen. You may see notifications for upcoming bookings as well. Select My Bookings

You'll see a list of your bookings. 

If you or another admin has enabled Health Screenings, click the  Health Check link next to your upcoming booking and follow the prompts to complete the Health Check. If it's not time to check-in, you can return later to My Bookings to complete the check-in. If it is time to check-in, click  CHECK IN.

Booking notation will change to CHECKED-IN. Click CLOSE

Check-In From an Email Notification

Open your check-in notification email. It will look something like this:



You'll be forwarded to the SiQ Web App. If you're prompted to complete a Health Check, review the symptoms and click Accept. If it's time to check-in, you'll see a check-in confirmation. You can either Continue to SiQ or Cancel Booking.

See what your employees experience:

Hotel Desk Check-In from Email Notification


Check-In From SiQ Mobile App

Additional Resources:

Book a Hotel Desk

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When you log into the SiQ Web App as an Admin, (Department Admin, or Location Admin) and your Hotel Desk is ready for check in, you can complete this using the SiQ Web App.

These are different ways you can check in to a desk using the SiQ Web App:

Remember you will also receive an email notification of the upcoming check-in, refer to Check into Hotel Desk via Email Notification.

Check in from My Bookings

The SiQ Web App displays notifications in the top right-hand corner with a highlighted number. To access the notifications, click on the Profile icon [1] and then My Bookings [2].


The My Bookings dialog displays and then click the CHECK-IN button.


The Health Screen pop-up displays. If you are well and have no symptoms, then click the CONFIRM button. 


After you have completed the health check you will be checked into your hotel desk.


When you have finished, click the CLOSE button.

Check in from the Floor Map

If you have made a booking from the Floor Map, within the one hour before your appointed time. The Check In Notification displays [1] instantly.



Click the CHECK-IN button. 


If you have Health Screenings enabled, you'll be prompted to confirm that you're symptom-free. Follow the prompts to complete your check-in. 


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