Check-In to a Hotel Desk from an Email Notification


Hotel desk check-in begins one hour before your reservation starts. If health screenings are enabled, you'll be required to complete a health check before check-in time.

Depending on your company's policies, you may have access to the SiQ Mobile App, the SiQ Web App, or both. Also see: Check-In to a Hotel Desk on SiQ Mobile App and Check-In to Hotel Desk on SIQ Web App

This article will walk you through checking into your hotel desk directly from an email notification.



Watch this quick video on how to check-in for your reservation from an email notification.

Check-In via Email

Open your check-in notification email. It will look something like this:



If you are prompted to complete a health check, review the symptoms and confirm that you are symptom-free.  


You'll see a check-in confirmation.


You can either Continue to SiQ or Cancel Booking.


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