Check-In to a Desk from an Email Notification


Hotel desk check-in begins one hour before your reservation starts.

Note: If your Administrator has enabled Health Checks, you'll be prompted to complete a health check, and if set up complete a post check-in question.

Watch the Video

Watch this quick video on how to check-in for your reservation from an email notification.

Follow the Steps

Step 1. Open the Check-in Notification Email

Open your check-in notification email, for example.


Step 2. Complete a Health Check

If you are prompted to complete a health check, review the symptoms and confirm that you are symptom-free.  


Click the Confirm link.

Step 2.1 Optional - Complete the Post Check-in Question

If a post check-in message has been set up by your Admin then this displays.


Click either Yes or No.

The follow up response sent message displays.


Click the Continue to SiQ link.

Step 2.2 Check-in Confirmation Displays

If there is no post check-in question then the check-in confirmation displays.


You can either click the Cancel Booking link or click the Continue to SiQ link.


Download the MP4 Video below