Book a Desk as an Admin

Level: SiQ Admin


Safe Distancing Reminder

You want to keep the health and well-being of staff members in mind, so we created flexible, intuitive distancing for hotel desk bookings to keep your teams operating at peak efficiency. For details, see Set up Safe Distancing.


Admins can book hotel desks for themselves on SiQ Web. 
Note: Admins can also book hotel desks for other employees.  See Book a desk for someone else.

You can create bookings for yourself:

  • From the Book Desk Module - book 1-day reservations, multiple-day reservations, and repeat bookings
  • From the Floor Map - book 1-day reservations and multiple-day reservations
  • From Manage Bookings - import bookings via CSV file.

This article will teach you how to book desks from the Book Desk Module and Floor Map. To learn more about created booking via import, see Import Desk Bookings in Bulk.


Book a desk from the Book Desk Module

You can create a single-day booking, a multiple-day booking, or a recurring booking in the Book Desk Module.

1. From the floor map, click the Book Desk book_desk_icon.png icon. 



2. Click the floor selector drop-down to choose a booking location.



3. Click on the date range.

3. Select one or more dates on the calendar or choose a date range in the From and To fields. 


4. Choose hours: either specify hours in the From and To fields or choose All Day Booking


5. To create a recurring booking:

  • Click the Repeat drop-down. If you don't wish to create a repeat booking, you can skip this step.
  • Choose Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
  • Choose a frequency. For example, choose Weekly, and then choose the day or days you wish to repeat. 
  • Choose On date to end the recurrance on a specific date
  • Choose After to end the recurrance after a number of occurances

For more information about recurring bookings, see:  Set Up Recurring Desk Bookings and Create a Recurring Desk Booking (Web)

6. Click UPDATE to save your settings. update.png


7. Select an available hotel desk and click BOOK NOW.
Note: In the Book Desk Module, available hotel desks are green and unavailable desks are gray.


You'll see a booking confirmation, and you can find your new booking in My Bookings.


Book a desk from the Floor Map

You can create a single-day booking or a multiple-day booking directly from the Floor Map.

1. Click the floor selector drop-down to choose a booking location.




2. Click on an available desk. On the floor map, hotel desks appear as dots with turquoise centers.hotel_desk_icon.png A data drawer will open.


4. On the calendar, choose one or more dates. You'll see availability information in the window that slides open. Then click Add new booking.

4. Choose times: either select All Day Booking or specify times in the From and To fields.


5. Click into the Search employees field, and select Me.
Note: You can also create a booking for someone else. See: Book for Someone Else.



You'll see a booking confirmation. You can also view your new bookings in My Bookings.