Book a Desk as an Admin

When you log into the SiQ Web App as an Admin, (Department Admin, or Location Admin) you can book hotel desks (also, note that you can book a hotel desk in the SiQ Mobile App see Book a Hotel Desk - mobile).

Note: When you book a desk from the Floor Map, your Admin experience will be different from an Employee.

When your booking is ready you can check in to the desk or if you no longer need the booking it can be canceled.

The following are the different ways you can book a desk in the SiQ Web App:

Safe Distancing Reminder

Before booking a hotel reservation, it is important to keep the health and well-being of staff members in mind. We created flexible, intuitive distancing features to keep your teams operating at peak efficiency. For more details, see Set up Safe Distancing.

Book a Hotel Desk from Book Desk

You can quickly book a hotel desk from the Book Desk filter which allows you to select future dates. To access this click the Desk Book icon [1].


The floor map displays the hotel desk's availability when making a future booking. Available hotel desks are green and unavailable desks are gray.

Click the Book Desk filter [1].


The Book Desk filter dialog displays.

In the Book Desk Filter dialog, select the date range and then either the hours or click the All Day Booking toggle. Click the UPDATE button.


The hotel desks are filtered and the hotel desks that are available display in green.


Select the hotel desk you want to book and then click the BOOK NOW button.


The hotel desk is instantly booked, and the booking can be found in the My Bookings area.


Book a Hotel Desk from the Floor Map

Another way to book a hotel desk is from the floor map.

To book a hotel desk from the main web app, you will need to navigate to the floor plan. Click on the Floor map main icon in the top right corner [1], then click on the drop-down menu on the left [2] to select your desired location.


Navigate to the hoteling desk. On the floor map, spaces with a medium turquoise inner circle have the hoteling desk usage type.


When you click on a hotel desk you will immediately see a calendar selection in the right-side panel.


Select the date for the booking and then click Add new booking.


In the new booking area select the time for:

  • All Day Booking
  • From Time and To Time

Then you can create the booking for yourself, select Me or search for an employee.


Soon as you select the person the booking is created [1].


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