Switch Between Buildings and Floors on the Floor Map


Floor maps give you a tangible view of your office space. Each floor within a building has its own floor map. When you're logged into SiQ Web you can switch between floor maps to get a more complete view of the office. 

SiQ has a building-floor selector that is used to navigate between different floor maps. You'll switch between floor maps using the building-floor selector when you're looking for a person, desk, or meeting room on different floor maps.

This article will show you how to use the building-floor selector to switch between floor maps.

Switch Between Floor Maps

When you view a floor plan, the name of the location is displayed at the top of the screen.


You'll see the floor map location at the top of your screen with a drop-down menu. This is the building-floor selector.

Click the Location selector.



The locations display.

Click on a floor.



The floor map displays.


Use the building-floor selector to switch to another building and floor.