Switch Between Buildings and Floors on the Floor Map


Floor maps give you a tangible view of your office space. Each floor within a building has its own floor map. When you're logged into SiQ Web you can switch between floor maps to get a more complete view of the office. 

SiQ has a building-floor selector that is used to navigate between different floor maps. You'll switch between floor maps using the building-floor selector when you're looking for a person, desk, or meeting room on different floor maps.

You can select up to 10 favorite floors and access them quickly from the floor selector.

Switch Between Floor Maps

You'll see the floor map location at the top of your screen with a drop-down menu. This is the building-floor selector.



Click the Location selector, then click on a floor.


The floor map you selected displays.

Add a floor favorites

Click the floor plan selector. Find a floor you prefer, and click the star next to it. You can add up to 10 favorites. Your new favorite will display on the right side for quick selection.